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PlacidWay, a leading international medical resource and provider launches their subsidiary, PlacidWellness - a customizable service that provides access to wellness centers, wellness destinations and wellness packages around the world.

Finding Health and Well Being in Cape Town - by: PlacidWay | BluePrint Health

Medical health spa services and facilities are increasing in popularity around the world, and due to its supreme location, Cape Town continues to be a leader in the field.

Managing Mental Disorders - by: Dr. Prakash Shah

There are no genetic tests, no brain scans, blood tests, chemical imbalance tests or X-rays that can scientifically/medically prove any mental disorder is a medical condition. That said, we are seeing that alternative treatments are being strongly considered.

Health Our First Priority - by: Dr. Prakash Shah

Do not suffer from chronic diseases for yourself or in your family and get total cure to remove root cause of disease. Tremendous suffering could be avoided, but people don't know the right method.

Results 1 - 4 of 4