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Foreign Doctors Allowed to Practice Medicine in Korea

by Yun Suh-young ,  The Korea Times | 2012-11-09

The ministry plans to set rules and qualification standards when discussions are complete, opening the door for foreign doctors undergoing training here to practice medicine.

If the rules are finalized, foreign doctors and dentists will be able to practice with certain limitations.

Under article 27 of the Medical Law, foreign doctors who are staying in the country for a certain period of time may carry out education and research after gaining permission from the ministry.

However, at the moment, they are not allowed to practice medicine.

“We plan to allow foreign doctors who are training in Korea to practice medicine on patients in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of the programs,” said a ministry official.

The ministry runs training programs for doctors from developing countries such as China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan in order to pass on Korean medical knowhow.

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