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Are you older than 40 years or unable to become pregnant with your own eggs? Do you and your partner both have fertility problems? Or have you had repeated miscarriages? IVF with donor eggs can help you conceive and deliver a baby.Check out which are the best Fertility  centers in Europe that offer affordable IVF with Egg Donor packages to medical tourists!

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Some say traveling to Greece during a time of economic uncertainty could mean a more interesting and meaningful trip. Others say the way that the media portray Greece has a huge impact on how potential tourists and medical tourists see Greece. While Greek tourism officials are concerned about the effects of the debt crisis on the industry, they are working hard to keep everything running smoothly for visitors.

Medical Tourism in Greece - by: Stella Tsolakidou, The Greek Reporter

Medical tourism (also called medical travel, or health tourism) is not a new alternative therapeutic means. Patients have been on the move searching for medical care for thousands of years, while alternative forms of treatment combining natural sources and elements have begun regaining their glamour in modern times.

Tourism and Good health: Medical tourism - by: Dr. Peter Tarlow, e turbo news

Tourism and health has taken on two new meanings. Health tourism can be broken down into two components, people who travel to a particular spot for medical reasons, such as cancer centers or for specific operations such a coronary bypass, and people who travel to a location for medicinal reasons such as rest and relaxation. Medicinal tourism caters not to the sick but to those who seek new levels of wellness. Examples of medicinal tourism are spa or centers that cater to non-essential cosmetic re-makes such a weight loss. Medical tourism of the hospital variety differs from medicinal tourism (the spa variety) in that it aims to serve those who are accompanying an ill person and often does not seek repeat business. Medicinal tourism on the other hand seeks repeat business and hopes that its clients will return on a regular basis.

Doctors have developed a blood test to check unborn babies for Down’s syndrome.

Everyday, dental care including annual checkups, filing a cavity, or taking x-rays are basic to what primary dentists provide. You would never consider traveling abroad for such simple procedures.

Mediterranean lifestyle helps to get rid of diabetes - by: Pradeep, Globe Health Tours News

Following vegan diet that includes fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and healthier fats will help to protect against type-two diabetes according to a study.

What's called medical tourism – patients going to a different country for either urgent or elective medical procedures – is fast becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry. The reasons patients travel for treatment vary. Many medical tourists from the United States are seeking treatment at a quarter or sometimes even a 10th of the cost at home.

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