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Understanding Ayurveda: Know thy Doshas - by: Jamuna Rangachari, health india

Ayurveda believes that when all our doshas are in a state of equilibrium, we arrive at a balanced state of the body, mind and spirit. Read on to know more about the doshas

According to Chamber, domestic ayurvedic industry market which is currently estimated at Rs.3000 crore will go up to over Rs. 5000 crore in next 2 years in view of rising demand for ayurvedic therapy and products.

Indian 'tulsi', 'gulab', honey, 'zaffran' and 'rajnigandha' are finding a place in the clinics of cosmetic surgeons at Harley Street, the heart of western medicine in Britain. In Australia, EU, New Zealand and USA, organic skincare, especially ayurvedic, as a category is growing rapidly.

Ayurveda gaining global recognition - by: Madhavi Rajadhyaksha, The Times of India

Dr.H.Palep is back from a whirlwind tour of medical colleges in the US, which had invited him to teach modules on the ancient practice of ayurveda to their students.

An enthusiastic group of Ayurveda doctors pursing the Indian system of medicine have developed an indigenous methodology to reinvent the goodness of Ayurveda for human healing and for the purpose formed an association TRAIT.

Ayurveda to cure chemotherapy effects - by: , The Times of India

India has patented an ayurveda medicine that promises to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy during cancer treatment and improve the blood platelet count among patients.

Ayurveda And The Treatment of Digestive Disease - by: Dr. Marc Halpern, D.C., C.A.S., P.K.S.,

On the physical level, Ayurveda teaches us that the health of the digestive system is the single most important long term determinant of your health and well – being. Healthy digestion leads to a healthy life. Unhealthy digestion leads to an unhealthy life. Its often that simple.

People are turning towards Ayurveda - by: Ludhiana, Express India

Dr Narinder Kumar Dhand recently took over as the District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer. In conversation with Sameer Kumar Sharma, he talks about the development plans for the ayurvedic department and the changing image of Ayurveda in the state.

Ayurveda attracts American students to Kerala - by: Juhan Samuel, Thaindian News

A group of 20 students from the Stony Brook State University of New York recently visited Kochi Ayurveda Hospital to gain knowledge in Ayurveda, the Indian holistic system of medicine, and its benefits during monsoon season.

A sizable group in the world: approximately 30 percent of adults today value health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. They believe the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit within individuals is important to achieve full human potential.

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