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When diagnosed with cancer, it may feel like you need to reach for the first cancer treatment that you see. While expedience is important when looking for a treatment, it is much more important to find the right one and choose properly.

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The Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a treatment that kills cancer cells by using special drugs, called photosensitizing agents, along with light.

Prostate cancer treatment can be applied in a number of combinations along with complementary therapies. See the costs and treatments available in Europe.

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Find out in this Infographic about the Cancer Treatment in the industry worldwide.

Choose the cancer treatment in Turkey, where the highly technological medical equipment and the medics' dedication will help get back your healthy life.

Find out in this Infographic about the Affordable Oncology Treatment options worldwide.

A cheaper and safer treatment for prostate cancer than current therapies may be skin patches, which deliver estrogen into the blood, a study says.

Many cancer patients lack counseling when it comes to the fertility problems after treatment. During child-bearing years there are many that receive the cancer diagnosis but the information about preserving their fertility for post-treatment pregnancy does not reach them in time, experts say. Two women were lucky enough to know their options: they froze their embryos and became mothers after cancer treatment.

Chemobrain and Cancer Treatments - by: Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff, - Daily Dose Health News, Advice & Information

Along with chemotherapy’s well-documented side effects of nausea and fatigue, cancer patients also complain about a type of brain fog that sets in clouding their memory, judgement, and cognitive abilities. But a new study presented Friday at a breast cancer conference in San Antonio suggests that the condition -- called “chemobrain” -- may not always be due to the drugs but to the stress and anxiety that comes from receiving the diagnosis and fears of impending treatment.

Results 1 - 10 of 1373