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Stem Cells Neurons Drive Brain Activity After Transplantation - by: Heather Buschman, Sanford Burnham - Medical Research Institute

Sanford-Burnham researchers convince transplanted stem cell-derived neurons to direct cognitive function—getting us a step closer to using these cells to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Stem Cell Transplants May Show Promise for MS - by: Denise Mann, WebMD Health News

New research suggests that stem cell transplants to treat certain brain and nervous system diseases such as multiple sclerosis may be moving closer to reality. One study found that experimental stem cell transplants are safe and possibly effective in children with a rare genetic brain disease. Another study in mice showed that these cells are capable of transforming into, and functioning as, the healthy cell type. The stem cells used in the two studies were developed by study sponsor StemCells, Inc.

Scientists claim to have carried out a pioneering stem cell transplant that rebuilt brain circuitry in mice, an achievement which could pave the way for a new and effective treatment for conditions from Parkinson’s to autism. In their experiment, an international team, led by Harvard University, put healthy stem cells from mouse embryos into the brains of adult laboratory rodents who were unable to use leptin, a hormone that tells the body to stop eating.

Taking on the Issue of Transplant Tourism - by: Jody A. Charnow, Renal and Urology News

As the U.S. waiting list for kidney transplants grows, and with it the potential for longer waiting times, so might the temptation among end-stage renal disease patients to travel abroad for a transplant.

People traveling to other countries to receive kidney transplants experience more severe post-transplant complications with a higher incidence of acute rejection and severe infections, according to a new study.

Therapy Helps Hard-to-Transplant Get a New Kidney - by: LAURAN NEERGAARD,

Nearly one in three patients who need a kidney transplant may never get one because their bodies are abnormally primed to attack a donated organ.

U.S. man first to turn to India for liver transplant surgery - by: CHRIS NELSON , Indus Business Journal

When Kevin Stewart's doctor told him late last year that he had advanced cirrhosis of the liver and would need a transplant or face certain death, Stewart never thought that his salvation existed half a world away in India.

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Cadaver Stem Cells Offer New Hope of Life After Death - by: Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist Health

Dead bodies can provide organs for transplants, now they might become a source of stem cells too. Huge numbers of stem cells can still be mined from bone marrow five days after death to be potentially used in a variety of life-saving treatments.

Stem Cells on Path to Rebuild Blood Pipeline - by: Phil Sneiderman, Johns Hopkins University

Engineers can now prod stem cells to help build vein and artery networks, overcoming a stumbling block to growing replacement blood vessels in the laboratory.

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