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Best Postoperative Rehabilitation Package in Finland , Tampere , Finland

The Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is the largest hospital in Scandinavia and Finland specializing in joint replacement surgery and postoperative rehabilitation services. The growing tendency to choose European medical services is encouraging people all over the world who need specialist rehabilitation treatment after an illness or surgery to consider treatment abroad as a low cost option. 

Flawless Rehabilitation Packages in Jelenia Gora Poland , Jelenia Gora , Poland

KCM Clinic is a specialized rehabilitation medical center located in Jelenia Gora, Poland, that sets the bench mark in Middle Eastern Europe, offering patients who need rehabilitation care a wide range of top notch options to choose from. 

12 Day Spine Physical Therapy Program in Selce Croatia , Selce , Croatia

Terme Selce Health and Sports Center, offers an efficient 12-day Spine Physical Therapy Program in Croatia, for local and international patients.

Results 1 - 3 of 3

Rehabilitation Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Rehabilitation Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Rehabilitation hospitals.

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