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Growth in Medical tourism Industry of Costa Rica
by REUTERS,  The Huffington Post|2013-08-28

Marlene Trithardt, who is a Canadian house cleaner,  needed to replace her tooth, she didnt go to her local dentist's office in Alberta but instead flew to the beach paradise of Costa Rica - because here the treatment is cheaper!

STENT: Do patients with Coronary Artery Disease really need it?
by S.G.B.Rao,  LifeScienceWorld|2013-03-14

Usually stents are made of metal mesh and are put in large arteries by surgery. Sometimes “Drug Eluting Stents” are used to slowly and continuously be released into the artery and help in preventing the artery from further blockages. But what if people didn't need it and a tretament that didn't involve surgery was enough?

Reevaluating Medical Facilitators
by Global Health and Travel,  Global Health and Travel|2013-03-11

Do medical facilitators add any value to the healthcare travel industry in an age of easy access to information and when hospitals are making international outreach efforts? PlacidWay makes a big difference!

A Better Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Skin Patches
by James Gallagher,  BBC|2013-03-04

A cheaper and safer treatment for prostate cancer than current therapies may be skin patches, which deliver estrogen into the blood, a study says.

Flu Vaccine Linked To a Rare Sleep Disorder in Children
by Reuters,  Health24|2013-02-28

The swine flu shot from GlaxoSmithKline's called Pandemrix has been linked to cases of narcolepsy in children, a rare sleep disorder. The scientific study in England confirms similar findings throughout Europe.

IMTEC 2013: Medical Tourists Best Advocate Effective Health Solutions
by European Hospital,  European Hospital|2013-02-26

The annual International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference will discuss in March benchmarking for outcomes in global medical travel industry.

Australian Women Shop for Nip Tuck Vacations
by Paul Clark and Wendy Frew,  The Sydney Morning Herald|2013-02-25

Australia could be in the top ten medical travel destinations yet it is losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year to countries such as Germany, India and Thailand where the global medical tourism industry is highly marketed.

Canadians: Big Spending on Medical Tourism
by Keith Gerein,  Edmonton Journal |2013-02-13

Canadians seeking stem-cell treatment abroad for various illnesses are among the major groups feeding the growth in unproven and expensive such therapies offered at private clinics around the world, a researcher says. The Canadians treated beg to differ.

Breakthrough In Fertility Treatment: Donor-Free Eggs
by Aidan Radnedge,|2013-02-04

Human eggs created by researchers outside of the body for the first time are paving the way for a breakthrough in fertility treatment.

World Cancer Day: WHO Warns Half of the World’s Countries Unprepared for Cancer Prevention and Management
by UNRIC,|2013-02-03

A recent WHO survey for World Cancer Day warns more than half of all countries worldwide are struggling to prevent cancer and provide treatment and chronic care to cancer patients. This means that currently many of these countries do not have a functional cancer control plan that includes treatment and care, early detection and prevention.

Results 1 - 10 of 1206
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