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Evaluate a vast array of alternative healthcare options, be it wellness programs to rejuvenate the body, surgery abroad at affordable costs, or cosmetic procedures in exciting destinations.

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PlacidWay is a Denver, Colorado based company that combines healthcare with exotic travel options.

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PlacidWay features wellness centers, medical centers, hospitals, clinics, physicians, doctors, case managers, healthcare specialists, program managers, alternative medicine and holistic centers at world's most exotic locations.

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Whether you have questions or suggestions or inquiry about vendor listing, advertisement, affiliate program, or investment opportunities, we will personally respond to all emails.


PlacidWay presents latest news on medical tourism. It provides featured articles and success stories from centers catering to medical tourism.

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PlacidWay features wellness centers, alternative medicine and holistic centers providing comprehensive preventive care to rejuvenate and reduce stress.
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PlacidWay features exotic medical tourism destinations such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, and Poland catering services for international tourists… offering sight-seeing, shopping, exploring, and lounging on sun drenched beaches.
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PlacidWay packages medical treatments with travel options including air, hotels, cars, shopping, site seeing, travel packages, and travel services to customize and create an unforgettable experience.

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PlacidWay answers questions about its services, available healthcare travel options, and affiliate programs.
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