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Mexico Travel Air Canada is temporarily suspending flights to Mexico and Caribbean destinations for 90 days Air Canada Suspends Flights to Mexico Article
Mexico Travel The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans against traveling to Mexico. The local government has advised the Americans to "reconsider travel COVID Restrictions- Travel Tips to Mexico Article
USA Travel From January 26, 2021, all travelers including the citizens and residents of the U.S., must present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 days prior to departure on their U.S.-bound flight. Negative COVID-19 Testing Required to Enter the U.S. from January 26, 2021 FAQs
USA Travel The U.S. government, together with the Government of Mexico has temporarily limited inbound land border crossing to only essential travel. Los Algodones border crossing remains open from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm California time. Article
Australia Travel Authorities in New South Wales say the border with Victoria will reopen on Nov 23 but warn it will be a “calculated risk. Restrictions are to be lifted between Australia’s most populous states. Article
UK Travel The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson announced on October 31 that starting from November 5, the whole of the UK would go into lockdown, which would also affect travel to and from the UK. Uk would go into Lockdown From 5 November Article
Mexico Travel US citizens traveling back to home from Mexico will not be affected due to the new travel restrictions. Temporary Restrictions for Inbound Traveling till November 21, 2020 Article
UK Travel Check the countries, regions and territories from where you can travel to England and may not have to self-isolate Countries, regions and territories added to UK travel corridor list Article
Turkey Travel Citizens of the US can travel to Turkey for health purposes. However, they will need a medical visa and specific health documentation to enter Turkey for medical tourism. US citizens are permitted to visit Turkey Article
Mexico Travel US borders are open and people can travel for medical care. US borders functioning. International flights now allowed. Article
Costa Rica Travel From September 1, Americans with a valid state ID proving their residency in Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia or D.C. can enter Costa Rica under the new terms. From Septem 15,Americans with valid state IDs for Colorado, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania will also be permitted to enter under the new rules. Costa Rica allowing US visitors from 12 States from September Article
Mexico Border: San Ysidro Bridge (LOS ALGODONES) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open between 6am - 10pm everyday Article
Mexico Border: Progreso International Bridge (NUEVO PROGRESO) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open 24 hours Article
Mexico Border: Nogales Bridge (NOGALES) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open between 6am - 10pm everyday Article
Mexico Border: Laredo Bridge (NUEVO LAREDO) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open 24 hours Article
Mexico Border: El Paso Bridge (JUAREZ) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open 24 hours Article
Mexico Border: Calexico Bridge (MEXICALI) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open between 6am - 12am everyday Article
Mexico Border: Brownsville Bridge (MATAMOROS) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open between 6am - 12am everyday Article
Mexico Border: Andrade Bridge (TIJUANA) Travel Please check the updated border opening timings as per San Diego CBP Officials. Open between 6am - 2pm everyday Article
Mexico Informational No international flights only land crossing across the border now open with some restrictions. Medical travelers need to verify if the requested Clinic is open. Land crossing across the border is now open with some restriction Article
Jordan Travel Jordan has received the "Safe Travels" stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in appreciation of the Kingdom's “successful” measures in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Jordan receives international ‘Safe Travels’ Stamp from World Travel and Tourism Council Article
Thailand Travel Thailand has started allowing limited number of foreigners in their country again. They are initially opening borders for six groups of foreigners and citizens from Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thailand Allows Limited Inboud Travel from July 01 Article
European Countries Travel Get all the latest updates on the European countries border reopening. This will help the travelers to make plans for medical treatments in the top european nations. Europe Border re-opening- Country-by-Country Guide Article
All Countries Travel Get information about the countries that have entry restrictions by air travel. Categorized into different sections like Completely Closed, Partially Closed, Reopening Soon and No Restrictions. Travel Restrictions- All Countries Article
Germany Travel Find all important updates related to traveling to Germany via Frankfurt Airport regarding border controls, entry restrictions, airport safety and more. Frankfurt Airport Assures Worry Free Travel during COVID Pandemic Article
Turkey Travel Istanbul Airport is ready with everything for safe travel. However, the passengers must wear a musk inside the terminal and aboard. Traveling to Turkey via Istanbul Airport is Safe Now Article
Mexico Travel Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, the international airport in Guadalajara, Mexico is prioritising the well-being of passengers. Along with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) and the Airports Council International (ACI) they are applying preventive measures in relation to COVID-19. Travel to Mexico- Guadalajara International Airport following Preventive Safety Measures Article
Germany Travel The Federal German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced to lift a travel warning for non-essential trips to 31 European countries, including the UK. Germany Lifts Travel Restrictions for 31 European Nations Article
India Travel The foreign nationals are permitted to visit India under some important categories. Check these vital categories before you plan to visit India. Travel and VISA Restrictions to Visit India Article
Mexico Travel The United States will temporarily limit inbound land border crossings from Mexico to “essential travel", which includes traveling for medical treatments. COVID-19 Related Outboound Travel Restrictions acrross the US Border Article
India Travel Bangalore International Airport in India aims to address queries on information related to COVID-19 at the airport. Read here. COVID-19 FAQs for Travellers in Bangalore International Airport in India FAQs
Colombia Travel El Dorado International Airport is functioning with restricted operations. Get all the essential details of traveling to Colombia via this airport. El Dorado International Airport- Covid-19 Information for Colombia Travelers Article
Greece Travel Learn all COVID-19 related useful information for travelers who are planning to visit Greece via Athens International Airport. General Measures for Travelers at Athens International Airport Article
UAE Travel Check all important updates related to Abu Dhabi International Airport operations. This will help you to keep updated about traveling to UAE via this airport. Information for Travelers Planning Flight to Abu Dhabi Article
Turkey Travel Information for Passengers Travelling Fraport TAV Antalya Airport. Take a look at the restrictions and guidelines imposed due to COVID-19. Airport Information for Antalya, Turkey Travelers Article
Turkey Travel Learn about Coronavirus from Turkish Airlines about travel restrictions in Turkey. Turkish Airlines - Suspended Flights, Travel Restrictions, and Announcement Article
South Korea Travel Effective as of April 1st, the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) imposed a mandatory 14-day quarantine for ALL inbound passengers. South Korea-Travel Entry and Exit Requirements Article
UAE Travel Key factors that you must know about international travel in UAE. UAE International Travel Information Article
Canada Travel Find out the exemptions and restrictions for traveling to Canada. Who Can Travel to Canada? Article
Sweden Informational Government agencies and health care system of Sweden are doing everything they can. But every person in Sweden needs to take individual responsibility. COVID-19 Response Strategy in Sweden Article
Austria Travel The Vienna Airport is open, and flights are continuing to operate. Please work with your travel agent or the airlines to see what flight options are available (source: US Embassy) Vienna Austria COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Article
Austria Travel In response to the public health threat associated with the spread of coronavirus, Austria has suspended the entry of third-country nationals (non-EU/EEA/CH citizens) entering Austria by air from outside the Schengen area. Austria travel restrictions during COViD-19 Article
Dominican Republic Travel Effective at 6 am on March 19, the President of the Dominican Republic suspended the arrival of incoming passengers and has effectively closed the borders of the Dominican Republic for an initial period of 15 days. Flights are available to the United States through JetBlue. Check with the airline directly regarding booking flights. Contact your airline to indicate demand for these services. U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic COVID-19 Article
Mexico Travel International commercial flight options currently exist in Mexico. Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Mexico City, Mexico (May 1, 2020) Article
Colombia Informational The Government of Colombia has closed all international travel in and out of Colombia and restricted internal domestic travel within Colombia US Embassy in Colombia: COVID-19 Entry and Exit Travel Requirements Article
India Travel Check the guidelines issued by the government of India for the travellers returning to the country. Tips for Inbound Travelers to India Infographics
Mexico Informational The epidemic generated by COVID-19 is declared as sanitary emergency by the Mexican government. Emergency Declared in Mexico Article
Turkey Informational Learn what infection control measures are being taken by the healthcare institutions in Turkey. Infection Control Measures at Medical Centers in Turkey Article
Philippines Travel Check out the several actions the Philippines government has taken in response to the COVID-19 outbreak – including travel restrictions, visa processing suspensions, and tax return filing extensions. The Philippines- Inbound and Outbound Travel Restricions Article
Indonesia Travel Learn about the additional measures Indonesian government is taking in relation to COVID-19 response Indonesia- Non-essential Outbound Travel Restricted Article
Hong Kong Informational Take a look at the essential Points to Note for home quarantine and other aspects for Hong Kong Inbound Travellers Hong Kong Inbound Travel Guidleines Article
Germany Informational The German government has extended its worldwide warning against non-essential foreign travel, particularly tourist travel. Planning a travel to Germany needs increased caution. Travel to Germany with Increased Caution Article
France Informational Nationals from other countries are temporarily barred from entering France. However, French citizens and nationals of the European Union, the Schengen Area and the United Kingdom are authorized to enter the national territory in order to travel to their homes. International Travel to France- Government Measures Article
South Korea Informational Learn what advces and precautions you should follow when you travel to South Korea. Presently, it is adviced to reconsider travel plans to the country. South Korea Travel Advices-Things to Know Article
India Travel Follow the latest and updated travel advisory from the Government of India if you are planning to travel to the country. India- COVID-19 Travel Advisory Article
Thailand Travel If you are traveling to Thailand, have the latest and updated information on COVID-19 outbreak. Travel Advice-Getting to Thailand Article
Croatia Travel Movement within Croatia continues to be restricted. As of April 20, a pass is required to travel between counties. Travel Restriction Continues in Croatia Article
Costa Rica Travel Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Government of Costa Rica has restricted all entries to the country. Find out the specific entry and exit requirements for travelers. Entry and Exit Requirements for Travelers to Costa Rica Article
UK Informational The first human trial in Europe of a coronavirus vaccine has begun in Oxford. First patients injected in UK vaccine trial Article
Indonesia Informational Indonesia temporarily prohibits all travelers from forein countries to enter/transit within the country. Some foreigners may get permission to enter the Indonesian territory if they follow certain requirements. Click to know more. International Visitors' Travel Restriction Infographics
India Informational The World Health Organization organized a meeting of vaccine manufacturers and national regulatory authorities from its South-East Asia Region. This initiative was taken to gear up for the much needed COVID-19 vaccines. WHO Organized Meeting of South-East Asia Region Vaccine Manufacturers Article
UK FAQs Professor Robin Shattock is leading efforts to develop an RNA vaccine for COVID-19. An innovative approach to COVID-19 vaccine development using RNA offers advantages in speed and scalability, if tests prove successful COVID Vaccine Development- An Innovative Approach FAQs
Canada Informational The Government of Canada has been focusing on containing the spread of COVID-19 and undertaking coordinated planning to prepare for possible broader transmission of the virus, and mitigating the impacts of a potential pandemic. Canada's Action on COVID-19 Article
USA Safety While dental care, and oral health in general, is vital to overall health and well being, the decision to limit visits was especially difficult news for those with complex dental needs, ultimately shifting us to a new normal of dental care in the US. How Safe is Visiting your Dentist Now? Article
UK Informational General rehabilitation services have been re-prioritized to reduce COVID-19 exposure risk to patients while ensuring that the highest standards of care and safety are maintained during this exceptional period. Increasing Demand of Rehabilitation Therapy Article
USA Travel Travelers should avoid all nonessential international travel. Older adults and people of any age with serious chronic medical conditions are at increased risk for severe disease Avoid Non-Essential Travel- Widespread Transmission Continues Article
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