Effective Detoxification and Cleansing in a Nurturing Environment

Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit Sanoviv Medical Institute for their signature program, the Complete Health Assessment.

One of the people I was fortunate to meet at Sanoviv was nutritionist and detoxification expert Maggie Hope, C.N.C. Instantly drawn to her infectious enthusiasm for her specialty, I was keen to learn all I could from her. Her class on detoxification was crucial to the change in my way of thinking about food, cleansing and overall health.

What is detoxification?

Under normal conditions, the body can fight off disease and stay healthy. However, in our increasingly toxic world, we are bombarded by pollution, pesticides, processed food, stimulants, stress, and other toxins. While our body is trying to deal with these toxins, we then deprive it of essential nutrients needed to neutralize and dispose of them. According to Ms. Hope, "If these toxins or blockages are left in the system too long, they can manifest themselves into a physical disorder, an imbalance, or even a degenerative disease such as cancer. Whenever the body's out of balance, the first order of events is to remove the toxins."

Sanoviv's Answer to Detox

This is the reason why at Sanoviv, they have developed a comprehensive program of detoxification and cleansing, which includes medical treatments and therapies, nutrition, exercise and body work all designed to help the body rid itself of toxins. This detoxification program is designed to help open the channels of elimination. Otherwise, the poisons will remain floating around your system.

Sanoviv is ideal because of the way in which the team of doctors and other professionals take a synergistic approach to cleansing and detoxifying the body. Sanoviv appealed to me for several reasons, but primarily because of the way in which founder Dr. Myron Wentz integrated both conventional and alternative medicine. The focus of Sanoviv is whole body medicine. You cannot take one small part of the body and try to heal it without healing the rest of the body.

"At Sanoviv, our nutritional program is a major component of the detoxification process. Live foods and fresh juices are provided daily to assist in the general cleansing. If a person wants to thoroughly cleanse their body while they're here in a safe, comfortable, loving environment, then we do a much more intense detoxification…a deep cleansing of the body. We can target specific areas of the body, such as the liver, colon and blood."

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