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Is Weight Loss Surgery The Answer?

by Mansi Kohli ,  Times of India | 2011-05-09

According to experts, if you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more, you are overweight by approximately 50 kilograms (for men) and about 40 kilograms (for women). This is considered severely obese and as a result, people with such high BMI's might be candidates for weight loss surgery.

Why weight loss surgery is for you?

Weight loss surgery might be recommended for people who have a BMI ranging from 35 to 40, and those who suffer from serious overweight health conditions such as serious sleep apnea, obesity-related heart disease, or diabetes. For some, the danger of death from not undergoing a surgery could be possibly bigger than the possible complications involved in undertaking the procedures. While doctors recommend natural weight loss over surgery, sometimes a person's complications might be serious enough to warrant a quick fix.

Things to keep in mind when undergoing weight-loss surgery?
Most medical practitioners require candidates to exhibit their motivation levels as to why they should undergo physical weight loss surgery. They would also want a clear understanding of detailed dietary and exercise fails and successes. Most of the surgeons would establish an understanding with the patient to follow medical guidelines for the rest of their lives after undergoing a weight loss surgery. In addition to it, various medical studies are performed to evaluate the health of your body such as heart and functioning of hormonal system. Nutritional and dietary counselling is also a must to practice before and after the surgery.

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