South Korean Doctors Perform Major Surgeries In Tashkent

by ,  Dentistry IQ | 2011-05-25

Four groups of doctors from Seoul National University Bundan Hospital (South Korea) performed a series of charitable surgeries on patients in need of urgent surgical interference from low-income families on 9-21 May.

The 45 professionals did 30 surgeries to remove mouth defects, 10 heart surgeries and 12 orthopedic surgeries and provided dental treatment for over 400 people under Family Health Project overseen by the Fund Forum, the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, the Women's Council, and "In the Name of Life" National Breast Cancer Association.

On 9-14 May, a team of cardiologists and orthopedists, under the guidance of Professor Jeong Sang Hun of Bundan Hospital, gave medical check-ups and performed a series of surgeries in Tashkent. The Korean professionals operated on patients with congenital heart disease and musculoskeletal disorders at the Research Center for Emergency Medicine and the clinic of Tashkent Pediatric Medical institute.

Pak Mun Sok, professor, orthopedist (South Korea): "This is my first visit to a foreign country in the capacity of a doctor, and I'm very pleased with this visit. The Uzbek people are very hospitable. I have done 10 surgeries during this visit and they have been successful. I set myself two goals: help children and swap experience with local doctors here. I'm also planning to come back here in the future and do a series of complex surgeries."

Shokhista Ibragimova (Tashkent): "My daughter Shakhzoda is 8 years old. On the one hand, I'm happy that my daughter was picked for the surgeries because she was operated on by leading surgeons from abroad, but on the other, like any mother I was very worried. I hope she will start feeling better. I want to say a big thank you to the organizers."

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