by Marie Ashby ,  BBC | 2004-02-09

Inside Out takes a look at the world of cosmetic surgery and the cut-price 'facelift holidays' offering hope to those wanting to change their looks.

Plastic Surgery has often been thought of as the preserve of the rich and famous, who are prepared to pay through the nose for, well, often a new nose.

Now more and more people from all walks of life are turning to "facelift holidays" to increase their body beauty.

Plastic surgery has always had a mixed press, variously admired for shamelessly defying the process of ageing, and despised for pandering to vanity and ego.

For those that see surgery as the answer to their concerns over their body-image, a new option is becoming available that cuts the cost of going under the knife.

Facelift holidays are becoming the ticket to cheaper cosmetic surgery.

Countries with lower cost healthcare are attracting a new type of tourist - one that wants to go home with more than just happy memories of a relaxing time in the sun.

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