Ethnic Rhinoplasty On The Rise According to Rhinoplasty Society's President-Elect

PRWEB | 2011-06-07

Dr. Rod Rohrich says objectives of ethnic rhinoplasty have changed – more patients want to preserve ethnic look of their noses.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, president-elect of The Rhinoplasty Society, an international educational organization supporting surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery), urged colleagues at the society's 2011 annual meeting in Boston to prepare for an increase in requests for rhinoplasties by patients of ethnic descent. Dr. Rohrich, a Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon, co-chaired a symposia on this topic at the annual meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society in Boston. He also urged his colleagues to study non-Caucasian features and unique requirements for operating on patients with different ethnic backgrounds ranging from the Hispanic nose to the Persian-middle eastern nose. This is an emerging trend in the USA which is parallel to the globalization of all cultures in the USA population.

"It's becoming more accepted for people who have noses with pronounced ethnic characteristics to opt for surgical refinement that helps them blend into American society better, as well as correcting individual facial deviations that make them stand out uncomfortably," said Dr. Rohrich, who has performed many ethnic rhinoplasties and published a number of articles on the subject in professional peer reviewed journals.

"Every patient is different, but more patients than ever want to preserve ethnic characteristics while correcting individual facial features. Patients with non-Caucasian ancestry used to ask for Caucasian-type noses, which usually resulted in an over-operated and unnatural look," he explained.

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