A New You: No Surgery Required

by Nancy Arcayna ,  Star Advertiser | 2011-06-28

Two trendy, noninvasive cosmetic surgery treatments now available in Hawaii promise no cutting, no scarring, no side effects and no downtime.

One — Ultherapy — relies on the same ultrasound imaging technology used to examine pregnant women or treat kidney stones to reduce the appearance of saggy cheeks, jowls, jawlines and necks. The other — Coolsculpting — is touted as a less traumatic option to liposuction to remove unwanted bulges.

“The baby boomers are driving this market. They don’t want to let aging come without a fight,” said Dr. Todd Mirzai of Hawaii Plastic Surgery Associates, who began offering Ultherapy early this year.

Both treatments have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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