Poodle’s knee injury treated with new stem cell procedure

by Jane Donahue ,  http://napervillesun.suntimes.com | 2011-10-26

Kathy Kaleta describes Buddy as an active dog who loves to romp around their 2-acre backyard. But when an injury sidelined the shih-tzu poodle mix, Kaleta opted for an innovative medical procedure to treat his torn ligament.

Last week, Dr. Dan Benefiel performed stem cell therapy on Buddy at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in Naperville. According to a representative from MediVet-America, who supplies the stem cell kits, he is the first Naperville veterinarian to perform the in-clinic procedure.

“We looked into it and decided stem cell therapy would be easier on Buddy than having a surgery,” said Kaleta, of Barrington. “I had faith in Dr. Dan (Benefiel). He was very confident that this would work very well for Buddy’s situation.”

While the in-clinic therapy is new to Naperville, the procedure has been done throughout the U.S. and Canada. The drug-free technology uses an adult animal’s own stem cells to heal itself.

Benefiels said that, during therapy, fat tissue is removed from the animal. The stem cells are separated and activated, and then injected back into the animal’s affected areas.

A veterinarian since 1972, Benefiel said stem cell regenerative therapy is a breakthrough in veterinary medicine. As someone who “enjoys new and inventive techniques,” he is pleased to offer it as a treatment option.


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