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Nigeria: Infertility - a Growing Concern Among Couples

by Ruby Leo ,  All Africa News | 2011-11-18

Maryam Musa (not real name) got married about seven years ago and is still yet to experience the joys of motherhood. Maryam laments that her days are either spent chasing after one fertility centre or visiting spiritual homes, all to no avail. Constantly taunted by her in laws especially her mother in law, Maryam says her hope has turned into despair, because she now feels like a visitor in her matrimonial home. Maryam says she and her husband cannot recount the funds they have spent in searching for a solution.

But Maryam is not alone in this dilemma, several women share the same fate as the number of women seeking the counsel of gynecologist at various hospitals across the FCT seems to be on the rise. Experts and even laymen are unanimous that the infertility rate in the country seems to be on the increase. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine - Infertility is the inability of a couple to make a baby after one year of unprotected sex. A gynaecologist, Dr Ibrahim Wada, explains that infertility arises when a couple has been cohabiting for over a year and the fruit of the womb is not showing signs or they have been having repeated miscarriages which means something is wrong with their ability to conceive.

Wada said, "The first solution is to examine the two couples, the issue of infertility is a shared problem, could be from the man or the woman though the woman is the point of attention because she is the person that carries the evidence of conception.

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