Infertility: Arizona Woman Founded World's First, Largest Frozen Egg Bank

by Catherine Holland ,  AZ family | 2011-11-25

As women continue to live longer and break the glass ceiling in the workplace, more and more are putting off starting families. They certainly want children, but they are waiting until they're older to have them. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't always agree with that plan. Fertility in most women drops significantly over age 35, and then falls off even more after 40. At about the same time, the risk of complications, including miscarriage, increases.

Diana Thomas battled infertility for 15 years, but now she has three beautiful sons, thanks to donor eggs. Fertility medicine was in its infancy, especially in terms of egg donation, when Thomas was trying to get pregnant. "The option wasn't there when I was 25," she explained. "It didn't really start to come about until I was 38. There were very few people using egg donors at the time."

Thomas' oldest son, born when she was 40, was one of the first 100 babies in the U.S. to be conceived with a donor egg. To help other women who find themselves in similar situations, she founded The Word Egg Bank. Since 2005, The World Egg Bank has made more than 2,000 donor egg matches all over the world.

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