Ancient Hot Spring Town Opens New Chapter

by Fu Bo and Rakhee ,  China Daily | 2012-01-06

The hot spring town is striving to create an international buzz with medical tourism projects that promote the hot spring culture of Ruzhou.

The total investment for the international hot spring resort currently under construction is 2.6 billion yuan ($400 million). The preliminary work for the 3.86 billion yuan medical tourism theme park has been completed. The town prepares to invest more than 240,000 yuan to build a culture center, eight cultural villages and 14 new libraries to enable over 47,000 people from the town to enjoy the history of the hot springs.

In recent years, the hot spring town has been built into a famous place with the culture of China's central plains region and an accumulative investment valued at more than 10 million yuan. The widening and reconstruction of Tangwang Road has been completed and several new roads were constructed, including Zetian Avenue, Luanjia Road, Hailing Road and Jianhu Road.

The construction of supporting facilities such as building a network, reconstructing and upgrading the electricity supply have been implemented. Pipelines for centralized water supply were also developed in the town.

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