Cosmetic Surgery Litigation-The Cost of Perfection

by John Wiser ,  market watch | 2012-05-25

The number of men and women undergoing cosmetic surgery is on the increase. Indeed we only have to look in the daily newspapers and celebrity magazines to read all about the latest "craze" amongst the rich and famous. It is not surprising therefore that the public are keen to explore the procedures on offer and seek the benefits of both surgical and non surgical treatments available.

With such an increase we hear more and more of those affected by the procedures long after leaving the operating table. Sadly the outcome of such procedures does not always meet the patient's expectations being left with unsightly scars and an appearance they are not happy with. We hear of treatment being conducted negligently, inappropriate treatment being given and lack of consent being provided by patients. Circumstances like these often lead to accident claims for personal injury compensation.

A cursory search of the internet can throw up many clinics offering specialist advice, expert treatment and perfect results. The hard sell approach adopted by some of the less reputable surgeons and clinics can often lead a patient to agree to undergo a procedure they may not fully understand or appreciate the risks of. We hear all too often of exaggerated claims being made by clinics and advertisements which are misleading.

It is often easy to forget that as a patient undergoing medical treatment you should be made fully aware of the procedures, how these will be performed, the likely outcome and the risks associated. A thorough pre-operative consultation should be undertaken and where appropriate counseling on alternative options such be given.

At First Personal Injury we understand that the decision to undertake a surgical procedure is not done lightly. The decision goes beyond improving a person's appearance and is often instigated by a person's low self esteem and lack of self confidence. It takes courage and psychological strength for a lot of patients to begin the process of selecting a surgeon who they feel can offer them the outcome they desire and in whom they can put their trust.

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