Bothered By Short Height? Surgery Is Here To Help

by Amarjeet Singh ,  daily bhaskar | 2012-05-25

Growing awareness about a height enhancing operative technique has fuelled significant curiosity about its benefits among tallness seekers in Indore, claim medical practitioners who practice the technique called Ilizarov surgery. The seekers include marriageable girls who want to look taller.

Doctors claim the technique, developed by Russian Dr Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov in 1950s, can enhance height of a human being up to six inches.

Orthopaedic surgeons, however, also admit that though number of queries for height enhancement in their clinics is sizeable, very few indeed undergo the procedure.

Dr Anil Mahajan, a practitioner of Ilizarov surgery, claimed increasing awareness about the surgery has led to a surge in queries about height enhancement. “A majority of them are relatively short marriageable girls who want to look taller,” he said.

Cost of the height enhancement surgery ranges between `50,000 to `3 lakh, depending on the case, he added.
Orthopedic surgeon, Dr Pramod Neema, said, “There is a large number of queries but we inform them about consequences and few turn up a second time. “

“I tell them it is better to forego such marriage (where height of the bride is so important),” senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Saket Jati said.

He claimed to have received four such queries in last two months. He persuaded the visitors to desist from undergoing such surgeries.

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