Breakthrough Of Over 2000 Cases Of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

by CNUHH Staff ,  Chonnam National University | 2012-07-17

At CNU Hwasun Hospital’s Brain Tumor Clinic and Gamma Knife Center (Professor Shin Jung), the number of ‘gamma knife’ surgeries has reached over 2000 cases this past May 2012.

Gamma knife Radiosurgery is a state of the art brain surgery that treats intracranial diseases using gamma rays instead of having to make incisions into the head. It uses over 200 gamma rays from radioisotopes to focus on and accurately target lesions without causing damage to surrounding brain structures to treat brain disorders. After the procedure, you can witness the tumor’s disappearance or reduction in size as well as the effects of apoptosis, and the advantages of this surgery are that there is no pain during the procedure and the patient is able to discharge the following day and immediately return to their daily lifestyle including work.
In particular, CNU Hwasun Hospital’s Brain Tumor Clinic and Gamma Knife Center has been the second in Asia to implement the latest ‘Gamma Knife Perfexion’ technology this past November 2011, bringing in many more patients and providing the most accurate and effective treatment. ‘Gamma Knife Perfexion’ is based on a completely automated system that reduces treatment timeby atleast half and increases the accuracy level.


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