Medical Tourism in Thailand Continues to Boom

by AsiaOne Staff ,  AsiaOne News | 2012-07-25

More and more foreigners are seeking medical treatment in Thailand each year, with 2012 expecting to see 2.53 million foreign patients generating Bt121.6 billion (S$4.9 billion) in income.

Most popular treatments are for orthopedics, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental work, a senior official said yesterday.

Department of Health Service Support chief Somchai Pinyopornpanich reported the growing trend - 1.37 million foreigners in 2007 generated Bt41 billion; 1.38 million in 2008, Bt50.9 billion; 1.39 million in 2009, Bt63.3 billion; 1.98 million in 2010, Bt78.7 billion; and 2.24 million in 2011 generated Bt97.8 billion.

The top five countries were Japan, USA, UK, Middle East and Australia.


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