Jordan a Medical Tourism Leader In Region

by Jordan Times Staff ,  MENAFN - Jordan Times | 2012-08-03

Jordan's medical tourism sector remains among the most robust in the Middle East but must address several challenges to retain its competitive, according to a sector representative.

In a recent interview with The Jordan Times, Private Hospitals Association (PHA) President Fawzi Hammouri claimed that the first four months of the year witnessed a 7 per cent increase in the number of patients who came to the Kingdom for treatment, the majority of whom were from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq and Palestine.

He did not provide detailed figures to back up this statement.

Hammouri praised the country's healthcare sector for its ability to respond to regional crises, which he said helped make Jordan one of the top medical tourism destinations in the region and beyond.

During the past several years, he added, Jordan has treated many patients injured in conflicts and turmoil in regional countries, particularly the Libyan revolution last year.


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