Medical Tourism Corporation Releases Guide on Choosing the Right International Hospital

PRWeb | 2008-08-19

The guide provides ten important practical tips and suggestions to keep in mind when selecting a hospital for a safe and predictable medical tourism experience.

Medical Tourism Corporation (Med Tourism Co, LLC), an overseas medical treatment facilitation company has released a guide entitled, Choosing the Right International Hospital -- a Medical Tourism Company Perspective.

The medical tourism guide provides:

  • Vital Tips on smart preparation for a medical tourism trip that will be convenient & predictable at the hospital destination.
  • Ten important points to consider when selecting the hospital for the overseas medical trip.

"Key element of a successful medical tourism excursion is the selection of the right hospital or clinic," according to Deepak Datta, co-founder of Med Tourism, Co LLC.

Medical tourism is the growing phenomenon of people traveling across countries for medical treatment. This may be motivated by medical cost in the home country, quality of medical care, existing medical laws in the home countries or quicker availability of medical care abroad, or even the refusal of home country doctors to perform a specific medical treatment as its perceived risky by them.

Majority of the individuals in the west (United States, Canada, UK, and Europe) who choose medical tourism are: uninsured requiring vital medical care or want expensive elective medical procedures or don't want to suffer the long waits for vital medical care sometimes required in the home country.

The guide educates that some countries are hubs of specific medical expertise. For example, Mexico hospitals are for bariatric surgery, India hospitals are for high tech surgery related to brain, spine, heart & orthopedics, Costa Rica for dental & cosmetic surgery, and Thailand for plastic surgery.

The Medical Tourism guide also informs about what a medical tourism company can and cannot do for a patient. It educates that any medical related decision should be taken with the help of a qualified doctor or surgeon.

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