Advanced Surgeries in Medicine at Bangalore

by Anisha Nair ,  Citizen Matters - Bangalore | 2012-10-19

It is not for nothing that Bengaluru is a leading medical tourism destination in the country. A pool of talented specalists doctors in the city’s major hospitals are lining up noteworthy accomplishments at the state and national levels.

Over 125 robotic surgeries have been performed in Manipal Hospital in the last one year with an average of 15 surgeries per month. Dr Somashekhar SP, HOD of Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery dept, Manipal hospital, says, "The robotic surgery is very popular now because there is rarely any chance of a scar after the surgery. Also there is minimal blood loss. This kind of surgery is very useful in cases of intestinal and thyroid cancer."

He also adds that the patients are not restricted to India. "We have patients from various countries like Malaysia, UAE, Dubai, Thailand and many more. Bangalore is on the verge of becoming the center for this type of surgery," he informs.

Be it the recent robot assisted surgeries, stem cell transplants or even open heart bypass, Bengaluru is not far behind when it comes to using science and technology for saving lives. Many speciality and multi-speciality hospitals have successfully tried innovative ways to make the treatment procedures much painless, scarless and more effective.

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