War On Obesity

by Charles Adler, QMI Agency ,  CNews | 2012-10-29

Ontario doctors have launched an attack this week. And no, it’s not about health-care reform. Not about wait lists or rationing services. Not about death boards or meddling bureaucracy. This week, the Ontario Medical Association declared a “war on obesity.” And who are the enemies in this war? Well, the people of Ontario, and their freedom to decide what they eat.

How are they fighting this war? Well, they have a new ad campaign, featuring graphic warnings to be placed on food items that doctors don’t like. Just as cigarette packages now feature disturbing images and warning logos to deter people from making bad choices, Ontario doctors want warnings on high-calorie, low-nutritional value foods in an attempt to fight obesity.

And they’re not stopping there. They are lobbying the government for higher taxes on “bad” foods and lower taxes on “good” food. They’re calling for restricted sales of junk food and sugary drinks.

Doctors are waging this campaign because they are experts and want people to live healthier lives. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

The problem is their self-righteous scheme takes away individual choice and freedom. What we eat is the most basic of freedoms. And this campaign aims right at the heart of this basic right.

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