Korea Reaches Out to Doctors Abroad to Boost Industry

by Sarah Kim ,  Korea Joongang Daily | 2012-11-09

They peep through a window to see surgeons perform a heart reconstruction on a 1-year-old baby on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

They check out empty operating rooms, the rehabilitation center and patients’ rooms, peppering their guides with questions about procedures, equipment and health policies. They want to know about Korea’s national blood bank system and the hospital’s angiocardiography room.

Dr. Pham Bich Xuan, director of foreign affairs of Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, paused in front of a Patient’s Bill of Rights posted in three languages: Korean, English and Russian.

Expanding the Korean medical sector

The four doctors and three representatives from the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health were invited by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, with the support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, for a five-day visit to Korea Aug. 20-24.

It was part of Korea’s ambition to develop its medical sector through cooperation with medical industries in other countries. Khidi is a public health industry promotion organization established in 1999.

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