Mediterranean lifestyle helps to get rid of diabetes

by Pradeep ,  Globe Health Tours News | 2008-05-30

May 30: Following vegan diet that includes fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and healthier fats will help to protect against type-two diabetes according to a study. As part of the study nearly 14,000 Spanish volunteers were questioned about their eating habit and studied for a period of four years to find the development of the symptoms. The findings of the research hinted that 83% of the people who followed vegan diet have low risk of type-2 diabetes. The results of the study were published in British Medical Journal.

People living in Crete, Greece and southern Italy follow Mediterranean diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables normally cooked in olive oil and washed with glass of red wine. Regular exercise is part of their routine lifestyle. Modern studies consider Mediterranean diet as the ideal diet to keep the heart healthy. The link between obesity and the chances of developing diabetes has already been proven. Olive oil is found to control blood sugar level and minimise blood pressure.

While UK experts consider this study as not comprehensive. Dr Iain Frame from Diabetes UK opined that the questionnaire format did not try to bring out accurate results. He also added that even though the research findings point to the benefits of Mediterranean diet in reducing diabetes risk, there is need for detailed study in order to get a clear picture.

Diabetes UK suggests people to follow healthy food habit that is less in fat, sugar and salt; and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Indulging in any kind of physical activities will also help to keep the diabetes risk at bay.

Meanwhile a spokesman of the British Nutrition Foundation commented that different elements of the diet will combine together to make a difference. But the study doesn’t allow us to find exactly what kind of diet is having beneficial effect. The Mediterranean diet is high in fibre rich fruits and vegetables and saturated fat, which will help to reduce the risk of diabetes. Olive oil is the main ingredient of the diet, when highly consumed it is found to gain control over blood glucose and reduce inflammation, it will help to prevent the development of diabetes right from the early stage.

More specific studies will add more clarity to the health benefits of following Mediterranean lifestyle

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