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PR.com | 2007-05-15

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, May 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Introducing new vision in Medical Tourism. Unlike the commission powered sales robots, you can trust Oxygen Zone to listen to what you are looking for and make swift suggestions. At Oxygen Zone, they take the long view. They do not only make you happy today but happy every time. They do not take any commission yet they give unique guarantee – they promise that in the unlikely event that you might need to return to one of their partner’s hospitals for further surgery or investigations due to their partner’s fault; they will reimburse the cost of your flights if required and pay for hotel accommodation for the duration of your stay. They have chosen only the best and take full responsibility for them.

The private hospitals in Serbia offer friendly, modern atmosphere, state-of-the-art equipment, specialist and university professors with years of experience and qualified English speaking staff.

Professional, affordable medical care in Serbia combined with Oxygen Zone luxurious, personalized service. Oxygen Zone gives everyone total peace of mind! The satisfaction of the patients is their main concern.

Are you still tense, nervous and uncertain? People characterize this industry as an unethical way of making money, using long waiting list and the distress of people who cannot afford surgery in their country, plus a "dangerous" low cost cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery procedures with all the infamous stories of disastrous low cost liposuction and facelifts abroad, with such a media attention like it never happens with high cost liposuction at home. There are bad and good doctors in every country. Medical tourism as a result of market globalisation offers in more cases than not, high quality treatment in some cases even better than in UK or elsewhere in western world; in modern up-to date equipped hospitals with specialist doctors trained and accredited in USA, UK ..., not to mention that many of them are still practicing abroad as guest surgeons in many top notch western hospitals, yet the prices are up to 80% less than in UK ("My dentist in London wanted 10 times what I paid in Belgrade" by Pat Butcher, Daily Express; 13/02/2006). Does low cost mean low quality? No, not at all! Having said that, one must be very careful when choosing the hospital and doctor abroad in the same way one would be careful when choosing a surgeon in UK. Review the facts why low cost does not mean low quality - quite the opposite you get your Medical Treatment Abroad in Serbia at the highest level with world renowned surgeons - specialist, in private hospitals - equipped with the latest technologies, in sparkling and friendly environment with guarantee. Serbia is not in European Union yet, so the prices are very attractive, not to mention, ratio of salaries comparing to UK, business rates, etc that allows Serbia to have very competitive prices in a global medical market, and it is only couple of hours away from UK. Safety and competence always go before the price and yet you can save thousands by choosing to have your medical treatment in Serbia.

Medical Tourism in Serbia is more then just great savings! Oxygen Zone provides you with all the information you might need to receive remarkable medical services abroad while having an extraordinary holiday with organic food, spa water and night life to remember.

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