Technology Makes Freezing Human Eggs Possible

by Allison Hurtado ,  Ahwatukee Foothills News | 2012-11-28

A new cutting-edge fertility treatment is making receiving donated eggs quicker, more inexpensive, and easier. Doctors have been able to freeze and preserve sperm for decades, but the egg is the largest cell in the body and has the largest water content so freezing it was difficult.

In the past a woman whose ovaries don’t produce their own eggs only had one option for receiving donated eggs. She had to search for a donor, wait while that donor went through a screening process, and then wait while her donor’s cycle was synchronized to her own so a live donation could take place.

Over the past five years technology has increased so doctors are able to quickly freeze eggs and thaw them with good results.

Dr. Mark Johnson, an Ahwatukee Foothills resident who works for Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS), said the new technology allows younger women to save their eggs if they want to have children later in life or in cases where a cancer treatment might lessen their chances of producing eggs later on. It also creates new opportunities for couples hoping to receive donated eggs.