Indonesian Police Desperate To Lose Weight

by Palash R. Ghosh ,  International Business Times | 2012-12-07

Obesity, the scourge of the developed world, has now seeped into the rapidly growing economies of the developing nations as well. One such country is Indonesia, where obesity levels have been climbing in tandem with income and standard of living.

However, a small subsection of Indonesian society -- its national police force -- is seeking to melt away those unwanted pounds. According to the Jakarta Post newspaper, overweight policemen have been ordered by National Police chief General Timur Pradopo and Jakarta Police chief Inspector General Putu Eko Bayuseno to slim down through diet and rigorous exercise -- they are mandated to shed a minimum of 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) per month.

The rule applies to any policeman whose weight exceeds 100 kilograms. One chubby Jakarta police officer, Adj. Second Inspector Budi Patmono, who is 40 kilograms overweight, explained how he lost his once-svelte figure.

“Maybe I became too comfortable, having a home-cooked meal every day,” he told the Post. “I once took diet pills and lost 20 kilograms, but it didn’t take long before I started gaining weight again.”

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