UCLA Study: 'Fat Genes' Determine Obesity

by Kathleen Miles ,  Huffington Post. | 2013-01-10

Women are often frustrated when they observe that, sometimes, even water seems to go straight to the thighs. Body-weight problems are because of genes. University of California Los Angeles recently published a study that says just that.

Researchers say a high-fat diet is determined by genetics, although diet and exercise still have an important part to play in weight management. 

UCLA researchers have studied how high-sugar diet impacted on the weight of more than 100 genetic strains of mice. They had a normal diet for eight weeks, and then followed by a high-fat, for another eight weeks. The researchers saw on their test subjects that although they were all eating the same thing, some got more fat stored on their body than others, some had over 600% more fat!

Later, after identifying and comparing 11 genetic regions associated with obesity and fat gain in the mice, researchers uncovered several that overlap with genes linked to obesity in humans.

In follow-up studies, scientists hope to identify more "fat genes" and understand how these contribute to weight gain.

Dr. Parks, one of the researchers, said he hopes to potentially reverse obesity with more research.

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