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Sedation Dentistry: IV versus Oral Sedation

by World Dental ,  Worldental.org | 2013-01-30

For patients who are extremely afraid of needles the dentist will typically offer oral sedation dentistry techniques, although the latter is less efficient than the intravenous sedation.

People with dental phobia or anxiety issues see sedation dentistry as very helpful for them. The patient will not feel or remember anything if the dentist will offer a sedative, such as an oral sedative or IV (intravenous sedation) during the appointment.

When to use sedation dentistry

Oral sedation: this is the most affordable type of dental sedation, because IV sedation is much more expensive. Oral sedation Dentistry Treatment is also easier to administer and it is also suitable for patients who are generally afraid of needles.

Choose IV sedation no one is accompanying you to the dentist. Oral sedatives take effect in one hour or more so you cannot drive a car yourself or perform any tedious tasks after taking the pill. This technique is much more effective since the sedative will be administered straight into your bloodstream. The technique is also the dentist favorite because it gives him control on the levels of sedation. The effects of IV sedation will wear off much faster. 

IV sedation dentistry technique: Important facts

After receiving the injection, you will go under anesthesia shortly, and IV sedation has an amnesic effect, which surpasses that of other major types of sedation dentistry including inhalation sedation or oral sedation.

Dentists will typically use IV sedation dentistry mostly in cases where oral surgery is needed (such as for dental implants or reconstructive dental procedures).

In case the patient needs to be sedated for a longer time IV sedation dentistry technique is the most suitable.

In the dental offices of general dentists, it is unlikely that you will find IV sedation dentistry available.

Oral sedation dentistry: Important facts

Suitable for patients with dental phobia and those who are extremely afraid of injections, oral sedation medications are used in the dental office and come from a family of medications called Benzodiazepines. Usually, it is administered in a liquid form or pills form. It will help you not remember anything from the painful/discomforting procedure.

Oral sedation is administered to patients who have very difficult to locate veins.

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