IMTEC 2013: Medical Tourists Best Advocate Effective Health Solutions

by European Hospital ,  European Hospital | 2013-02-26

The annual International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference will discuss in March benchmarking for outcomes in global medical travel industry.

IMTEC 2013 PlacidWay Current trends in the medical tourism industry indicate that health care providers are challenged to meet the needs of international patients for quality healthcare outcomes.

The medical traveler will always ask ‘Who is the best doctor?’ This new approach – benchmarking for outcomes - will make sure that medical tourism is more focused on patient-centered medicine.

Benchmarking will be one of the topics discussed at the two-day conference that will provide a transparent platform for both service providers and consumers to understand the latest trends and drivers in the global medical tourism industry. Taking place for the first time on 22-23 March at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, IMTEC 2013 will host the leaders and thinkers in the medical travel arena to learn and discuss the latest developments in the medical travel market.

Dr. Uwe Klein, Chairman of IMTEC 2013, says that competition in the medical tourism industry is increasingly for the best healthcare solutions associated with the skills and competencies of a particular doctor or medial team. Also, Dr. Uwe Klein continues by saying patients would be more tempted to become medical travelers if they could learn more about their rights and entitlements in healthcare abroad, thus access to ‘neutral’ information can be an insurance that impartial information is available when making decisions about healthcare options abroad. Regarding the subject, Chairman of IMTEC 2013 emphasized that medical tourism facilitators have a special responsibility and IMTEC gives the opportunity in 2013 to once again discuss and challenge ethical and legal standards in medical tourism.

Commissioners of Medical Travel (CMT) Program will be launched at IMTEC 2013 in March. CMTs are qualified healthcare facilitators and purchasers from across the globe, invited to attend the IMTEC exhibition. The confirmed institutions joining the CMT Program who will be present in Monaco and seeking partners to add to their international network include New Patient Foundation, Dubai, UAE; ACE for Health Tourism, Kuwait; Outassurance Brokers, Tanzania; Ukraine Regional Network, Ukraine; Panorama Medica Group, Thailand; Metlife Amplico, Poland, and many more.

Key speakers at IMTEC 2013 include Ms. Laila Al Jassmi, CEO of Health Policy and Strategy Sector, Dubai Health Authority (DHA), UAE; Dr. Paolo Giordano, Managing Director, European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP), France; Dr. William Ruschhaupt, Chairman Global Health Center, Cleveland Clinic, USA; Ruben Toral, Founder and Director, Medeguide, Thailand; and Isabel de la Mata, Principal Adviser, SANCO – Heath & Consumers, European Commission, Luxembourg.

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