PlacidWay Newsletter: Top Healthcare Destinations and World-Class Treatment Packages

by PlacidWay Medical Tourism ,  Newsletter | 2015-07-09

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Turkey is one of the oldest known inhabited locations in what used to be known as Asia Minor. It's the land of Troy and ancient cultures such as the Hittites. Its history is complete with tales of Iconic Greeks and Persian Empire rule and Alexander the Great and Constantinople.

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India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. It's also one of the most mysterious to foreigners and travelers who visit her land for the first time. India is a land of contrast – of ancient farming and agricultural techniques in one area to bustling, cosmopolitan cities in another.

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Mexico is a land of bountiful sunshine, great food and ancient cultures. It's also growing into one of the most popular medical destinations for medical travelers. Why not, when in addition to great medical care, you can vacation on the beach, climb Aztec temples or go scuba diving?

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Thailand is a part of Southeast Asia that has long been considered to be the most exotic and mysterious area of the globe. Foreigners envision grass huts on sandy beaches, beautiful, lush forests and sights and flavours of exotic foods, flora and fauna. Thailand is an ancient yet rapidly progressing country.

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