Diabetes Will Create a Real Health Crisis

by PlacidWay | Newsletter ,  PlacidWay | 2013-07-17

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"Diabetes Will Create a Real Health Crisis"

Diabetes, known as the silent epidemic, affects millions of people around the world. An alarming 40% of the Middle Eastern population suffers from diabetes. 
A number of insulin therapy alternatives provide options for diabetics around the globe including a healthy diet, exercise and alternative treatments such as stem cell therapies, which have provided positive results in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Laparoscopic metabolic surgery is also effective in controlling production and release of insulin producing hormones in the body.

Traditional alternative medicines such as Ayurveda, practiced for thousands of years in India, has also increased in popularity in recent years, offering a whole body approach to diabetes care and in dealing with associated symptoms.

Diabetic Cases

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The number of diabetic cases is estimated to increase, soon to reach global epidemic rates, creating a real health crisis in the near future.Increasing awareness and encouraging healthy lifestyles and regular testing to provide rapid detection of diabetes is promoted through PlacidWay’s education and awareness endeavors.

PlacidWay, The Leading Medical Tourism Company

We Are Taking Action

PlacidWay, a leading global medical tourism organization, has launched a global initiative to educate and provide medical and alternative medical solutions to diabetic patients around the globe -affordable packages, treatments, and therapies-.

PlacidWay represents numerous global brands in diabetic care and maintenance, and is a premier resource for diabetic treatment worldwide.
Fight Diabetes with PlacidWay

Join Us: Offer Global Diabetic Solutions

PlacidWay invites you to increase awareness and present global diabetic solutions in your local countries and communities. Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself, friends and family, or for your customers, PlacidWay can partner with you providing most comprehensive diabetes solution in Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
For diabetic related partnership and alliance opportunities inquiries, please call +1.303.317.3607, or email info@placidway.com

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Global Affordable Packages for Diabetes

There are numerous clinics and hospitals around the world which offer various types of treatments for diabetes, many of them also offering affordable packages so that all patients have the possibility to reach such treatments and fortunately treat the disease.  






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