Intragastric Balloon Surgery In India A Popular Weight Loss Procedure

Medical News Today | 2008-09-29

Intragastric balloon surgery in India is one of the most prominent obesity surgery procedure that is being undertaken by medical patients from abroad at the hands of experienced obesity surgeons in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The medical and healthcare amenities in India are very excellent in terms of cost and quality. Intragastric balloon surgery in India is providing the best medical care for weight loss benefit. Moreover the hospitals and surgeons in India are assisting abroad natives in getting speedy health recovery at a low cost.

The use of an intragastric balloon in the treatment of obesity and morbid obesity has been a well-known. The idea of using a gastric space-occupying volume device, giving a sensation of satiety, for the control of obesity was first described in 1982. Since then, reports have indicated weight loss can be achieved by the use of various free-floating intragastric balloons. Intragastric balloon surgery is performed when an inflatable gastric balloon is endoscopically inserted and then inflated in the stomach to reduce capacity i.e the balloon is inserted via the mouth and oesophagus directly into the stomach.

Immediately following the introduction of the Gastric Balloon the balloon is inflated by introducing saline into the balloon which causes it to swell and reduces a patient's capacity and ability to consume large volumes of food and fluid. This procedure can be used in isolation to provide a short medium term solution for patients who are struggling to cope with their moderate weight loss challenges. This procedure can also be used as a useful treatment for more seriously and morbidly obese patients, who needs medical assistance in getting to a safer level of obesity before contemplating a more complex and permanent choice of weight loss surgery. Intragastric balloon surgery is said to be of less risk then highly morbid obesity surgery procedures like gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and lap band surgery.

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