Medical tourism to Mexico gets more organized

by Dana Blankenhorn ,  ZD net healthcare | 2008-10-09

With immigration from Mexico down, but consumers still demanding savings, medical tourism is booming.

Now it is getting a bit more organized.

Mexico’s largest private hospital group has signed a deal with an American hospital tourism company to handle the data processing needed to grow its business.

Health Travel Guides now says, on its home page, that it is specializing in Mexico. 

The company, based in San Diego, handles over 1 million medical trips each year, billing over $500 million, and says its technology platform is both integrated and scalable. Their COO blogs.

What this points to is a growing professionalism and sophistication among medical tourism companies on both sides of the border.

These groups are actively signing-up companies and insurers and soon, if you need an operation, they may be your only hope.

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