These people dared to have their treatment abroad

by PlacidWay ,  | 2014-01-20

Barbara went to INDIA for heart surgery
Affordable Treatments in India--awesome couple
"We’ve been amazed with the doctors care here at Manipal, it is very very personal something that we are not quite accustomed too in the USA. The food service here is absolutely fabulous. And they make you feel like you’re the Only patient they have, and I really appreciated that!”
Barbara, Michigan, USA
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Marcus went to MEXICO for a dental treatment

"You'll save money, have a fun vacation and meet interesting folks from everywhere. Most are seniors, need major work and had been there before. (...) I am happy, saved money, had a great time, my teeth/smile look great. I recommend Sani and Dr. Jose anytime."
Marcus Cammack, Dallas, USA
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Sylvie went to Turkeyfor cosmetic dentistry
"Je suis tres contente de la clinique, pour rapport à la France c'est la jarre et la nuit. Je vais recommander l'hôpital a tous mes amis"
Sylvie Y., France
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Gloria went to Thailandfor liposuction (VASER)
Thailand beautiful country image
"I had the procedure done one of my first days after arriving, the Clinic was very helpful over e-mails, I had no problem booking or having many questions answered. I has some issues with my bank transferring the money, but they were extremely helpful in waiting for me to work out the issues with my bank ."
Gloria, Sri Lanka
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Kristin went to South Koreafor gastric band surgery
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"I received a gastric band surgery 6 months ago from Dr. KANG. . (...)After 6 months, I have lost exactly 79.3 lbs. I can’t believe it! Can you believe me? I achieved this result with the help of Dr. KANG, the dietician, the psychologist, all the nurses and employees of the hospital!! I appreciate it. Thank you all for your great help."
Kristin, Australia

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Laura went to Russiafor drug addiction treatment
"Hi! I used to take heroin, cocaine and other psychoactive drugs. I've been clean for 6 years now. I am now married, and I have two healthy daughters. I would have never achieved all this without Vorobiev treatment program. If you are ready to make your life better this is the clinic to choose."
Laura, Kazakhstan
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Either they were, themselves, treated, or their spouse of friend was, these people tell you what happens in the Hospitals we collaborate with:
"I tell everybody just leave your body in the hands of Manipal Hospital and let them do the Magic"
Melinda Reiny Beattie - Australia
"We could see the high level of professionalism around.(...) I am happy we came here."
Peter Serukamba - Tanzania
"The surgeon who did the magic (...) his qualifications are fantastic, he worked in Honk Kong,
the US and many other countries. I was very much impressed."
Eze Michael - Nigeria
Dental Treatment in Mexico-Testimonial
"Even though I was addmitted and treated, they (the doctors) came here everyday to check on me and see how I am doing..."
"I got more offers in Canada, from $16000 to $34000, here my implants were $3500"
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