Where will your next trip take you? Here is your health advantage

by PlacidWay ,  | 2014-04-22

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 7 Reasons to Choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation
Hair transplantation procedures are continuously increasing in popularity worldwide. The perks of having hair transplant in Turkey are not just words. The all inclusive tradition has turned Turkish hair transplant clinics into true travel experiences... not to mention the prices... So why Turkey? More info
10 myths about Diabetes (DISPROVED by Experts)
We all know that people can live with diabetes if they are careful to keep their blood glucose levels in control, eat the "right food", take their insulin, among others; but there are lots myths about this disease. Nutrition experts and dietitians have busted 10 of the most common myths about Diabetes. Check it out! More info
Do I have bone disease? Arthrosis & Arthritis
Arthritis and arthrosis are both conditions that affect the boney joints in the body. Of the 206 bones in your body, it's likely that as you age, some of them, including your ankles, knees, and hips, start to wear down. It's important for people to remember that arthritis does not just happen to "old people". More info
Centuries-Old Easter Traditions in a Beautiful European Country, Romania
Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Romania, as it commemorates the moment Jesus Christ resurrection. Easter is Romania follows the Orthodox calendar and this year it is celebrated on Sunday, April 20. More info
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair vs. Open Surgery Hernia Repair
Hernia repair
is a common procedure for resolving issues related to a weakening in the lining of the musculature of the body, which often results in a hernia, or a bulging and often painful condition caused when a portion of an organ protrudes through that weakened area

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Destinations: Traveling to Thailand… A beautiful Land!
is an ancient land full of mountains, plains, beaches, islands and of course Health Care. See why it's a chosen destination for medical treatments & tourism for people worldwide. More info

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