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by PlacidWay ,  | 2014-05-14

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 Top 10 Destinations for Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy has made tremendous progress over the past decade with clinical studies and trials. Before traveling abroad for stem cells you should understand where are you going and what this amazing therapy can do for you. Read More

Is Cannabis an Anti-Cancer Drug?
Cannabis is not only a drug with psychoactive effects. Scientists showed that THC (the main component of the cannabis plant), possesses anti-cancer properties and these may help reduce the cancerous tumors. But how is this possible? Read More

International Day of Families – May 15
Each year, on May 15, we celebrate the International Day of Families. This day is a reminder of the importance families play in our society and our lives. Read More




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New Robotic Assisted Knee Resurfacing Technology for Arthritic Knee
Robotic assisted surgery helps both doctors and patients. Knee Resurfacing procedures focus on relieving pain caused by osteoarthritis, which causes degeneration of the joint. Know the latest technology used to relieve pain and impore life quality!. Read More

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