Top 11 places for affordable facelift surgeries in Europe

by PlacidWay ,  PlacidWay | 2014-05-27


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11 Places for Facelift Surgeries in Europe

 Smoking the Masked Addiction

Native Americans believed that tobacco was a gift from the Creator and was also used as a pain killer and medicine for colds, earache & toothache. Today, tobacco is making more and more people addicted to smoking. It kills almost half of its users. How can we stop?

Stress is contagious. STOP THE CYCLE!

Few years ago we did not consider the possibility that “stress” could even exist, as it was believed then stress, was nothing but an invention by “lazy people who did not want to work”. Nowadays scientists and researches are talking about how stress
is 100% real and can be easily transferred through people
. But, how does it happen?

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Diagnosing Your Heart Condition

Diagnostic cardiac procedures start with your doctor taking your medical history. Be prepared to answer lots of questions and undergo a complete physical examination and lab work. Your doctor is likely to also order a number of diagnostic tests. Knowing a bit about those tests may help soothe your anxiety.

 Fertility Tourism Great Option

It's good to know what to expect, specially if we are going abroad for medical care in this case Infertility Treatment
. Heterosexual & homosexual couples, single women and men, all find an appropriate fertility treatment and procedure abroad according to their needs.

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 What Do You Know About Heart Failure?

Nearly 6 million Americans alone are diagnosed with heart failure, this is only one of the leading causes of death when it comes to cardiac issues. On a global perspective strokes and heart attacks increase a person's risk of death from coronary heart disease. What are the Heart Failure Signs?
Can we prevent this?

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Depression & Anxiety... Silent Enemies...

Depression is not only the second-leading cause of disability and death worldwide, it's also invisible. Symptoms of depression, as well as anxiety may vary from person to person. How can you know if one of loved ones is suffering? How do you help?




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