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by PlacidWay ,  | 2014-12-18

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As a new year approaches we will like to upgrade the pricing data base!

What is the Doctors Profile Section?
A Section of PlacidWay where Customers can know more about your Doctors Qualifications!
 Placid Doctors Section
What do you need to send?
Doctor's Name + Qualifications +
Experience +Memberships
How will it look?

Doctors Profile Example

We would like to include your center in this very important process, reason why we request you to please send us the qualifications of the doctors working at your medical centres at [email protected].

Or, you can also reply to this email filling up the form below:

Doctor's Name
Qualifications Experience Memberships

Thank YOU for Your Collaboration!

In a continuously changing world, PlacidWay is stepping up to the challenge to provide the very best global healthcare options worldwide.

As such, we have created a survey that will help keep tabs and better understand the dynamics of global medical tourism.

Please take 5 minutes to answer it!

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