Indigenous methodology developed by Ayurveda for human healing

News Agency of Kashmir | 2008-10-16

An enthusiastic group of Ayurveda doctors pursing the Indian system of medicine have developed an indigenous methodology to reinvent the goodness of Ayurveda for human healing and for the purpose formed an association TRAIT.

In this pursuit, the group headed by its chairman Dr. Ranbir Bhou has announced for starting the event management of certain camps and presentation for the purpose that may educate the masses about the relevance of Indian system of Medicine.

Speaking on the occasion, the chairman said that since Ayurveda is noble therapy now accepted the world over yet it is being not pursued in right perspective here. He informed about the grass root benefits of Indian system of medicine, which if pursued religiously help in avoiding said effects of allopathy since herbal medicines are safer. Ayurveda is holistic system that treats body, mind and soul, and is meant both for healthy as well as patients.

The director of the Association, Dr Varun Suthra said "Since today all modes of dissemination have been ineffective due to the non-seriousness of the earlier practioners in the field who have used this power of nature confined to their vested interest only" and added, "this concept in Ayurveda had been used by these" people just to secure their jobs and positions held by them for years together which has brought more harm than doing an thing for the people of the state."

He further said that idea mooted by the TRAIT is directly involving the people in right perspective while including them into this so that the real benefit may percolate to the needy people and the benefits of the Ayurveda may reach all the sections of the society.

The trust further intends to come up with a strong and novel innovation in the filed of Ayurveda by roping in the attributes of art by presenting theatrical items at different venues and places throughout the region so that the concept of healing through art may by promoted that may find more clientele all over.

Meanwhile concluding his statement the director reiterated, "Since the effort initiated by the trust has been directed to come up with a comprehensive infrastructure for Ayurveda in Jammu and Kashmir, like minded people are very much required to join the crusade for its logical win."

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