PlacidWay Introduces Medical Tourism Industry’s First Patient-Provider Direct Chat Application

by PlacidWay ,  | 2018-10-24

PlacidWay Introduces Medical Tourism Industry’s First Patient-Provider Direct Chat Application

PlacidWay Introduces Medical Tourism Industry’s First Patient-Provider Direct Chat Application


The leading medical tourism company now brings the ultimate solution for patient + provider direct communication. The direct chat application can become the key ingredient to fuel the industry’s growth.

Denver, October 23, 2018 - PlacidWay, as the leader and influencer of the medical tourism industry, launches the first patient-provider direct chat application in the industry. This is a major differentiator in the industry to reduce the communication gap between medical centers and international patients. The application paves way for real-time interaction, which means the patients will now be able to find answers to their queries immediately without any delay.

The experts at PlacidWay have performed an extensive research and consumer behavior analysis to create this direct chat application that will also help the providers to strengthen relationships with the patients. The providers will be able to build trust among the patients, which can further create positive word of mouth. This implies the increased possibility of differentiating the services offered in a crowded medical tourism marketplace.

The application can effectively save the data of an interaction between the patients and the provider, which can bring down the possibilities of miscommunication in the future. On top of that, live chat can help the providers to understand what exactly the patient needs much faster. This can also lead to a perfect transparent and customized solutions that the patients are seeking from medical tourism providers.

Mr. Pramod Goel, PlacidWay CEO and the author of “Evolution of Medical Tourism - from Cottage Industry to Corporate World,” believes that the direct patient communication is a key ingredient to fuel the growth of a stagnant industry. He says, “Instant messaging is part of multi-channel communications platform that sparks conversations. Today, multi-channels customer interaction strategy includes SMS/texting, online chat, phone, as well as email and video. Once these are integrated into patient acquisition business processes, it will bring transparency and ethics in the medical tourism business, which will instill trust among all.

PlacidWay is focusing its efforts to provide solutions for openness in the supply chain of medical tourism industry. This would require for all player to break away from current processes which are long and constraining and to adopt new realities of today’s consumer behavior. The new medical tourism world demand transparency, ethics, speed, accuracy and other such elements to understand customers changing needs and to deliver a customized solution.  

PlacidWay is an industry leader and influencer that serve as a powerful knowledge base for the entire value chain of medical tourism. From providing marketing and education to processes and tools for effective customer service.


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