Why Direct Chat Is Increasingly Becoming Important in the Medical Tourism Industry?

by PlacidWay ,  | 2019-01-24

Why Direct Chat Is Increasingly Becoming Important in the Medical Tourism Industry

Why Direct Chat Is Increasingly Becoming Important in the Medical Tourism Industry?

Direct chat or instant messaging has gained big importance in the medical tourism industry. It helps the patients to learn more about treatment packages and/or other associated factors fast and conveniently. With the help of direct chat facility, the patients can connect to the providers’ representatives directly and exchange information in the most convenient and easiest way. Thus, a patient gets the right information or fix an appointment without waste of time

No Artificial Intelligence-Real Emotional Connect

There is absolutely no need for downloading and installing any app with no Artificial Intelligence involved as well. Live chat gives the ‘human touch’ where providers’ representatives connect to patients’ emotions and serve accordingly.

Important Benefits of Live Chat in the Medical Tourism Industry

•    Real-time interaction between patients and providers

•    Builds strong relationship

•    Minimizes communication gap

•    Eliminate the possibility of miscommunication

•    Enables better patient engagement for the providers

•    The patient can get instant information on treatment costs, medications, appointments, package inclusions, exclusions, etc.

•    Instant advise for the patients on emergency and many more

Chat Live 24/7

24x7 live chat option is beneficial as the international patients can communicate with the well-informed representatives whenever they want.

Providers Generate Leads with Direct Chat

An instant chat option is a form of medium that attracts their potential clients.  The well-trained representatives can solve all the issue and help the patients with the right information whenever they want. This helps in satisfying the patients who further recommends other customers. Thus, a live chat box can play a major role in improving lead generation. And increases the level of client engagement.

Thus, with open, direct, instant and transparent communication, customer satisfaction gets a boost, which also leads to the growth of the industry.  At PlacidWay, we also believe in patient-provider direct communication. Thus, we have recently rolled out chat functionality.


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