Cancer Diagnosis - Causes And Treatment

PRLog | 2009-01-16

Cancer is one of the life threatening diseases, but now the possibility of cancer cure has grown very high.  It is so due to the production of high quality medical resources, researches on it for a long time and technology development. According to reports by W.H.O., one out of three women and one out of four men are prone to getting cancer in the world. Now with such alarming figures the task of hospitals and doctors has become very challenging to treat this severe disease. The advancement of technology has made treatment of cancer possible and it has brought the cure rate of cancer to almost 70-80%.

Cancer treatment in India is now one of the most successful treatments due to all modern infrastructures of instruments, facilities and availability of cancer specialists. The private sector cancer information centers of India have been doing successful research and treatments on various types of cancer. So India is a major haunt of medical tourists for treatment of cancer, be it a prostrate, colon, blood or others. The foreign patient can easily get access to the cancer centers as well as cancer specialists of India through online communication.

The Apollo Hospitals in India, the best healthcare groups in Asia, equipped with all modern diagnosis and treatment procedures provide quality treatments of this deadliest disease. Apollo Cancer centers are now facilitating with a good number of competent cancer specialists as well as multidisciplinary approach to cancer cure.  Apollo Hospitals provide cancer treatment in the specialties like

Medical oncology: When cancer is treated with drugs, e.g. chemotherapy is termed as medical oncology.

Surgical oncology: It means surgical removal of cancer tumor by surgeons.

Pediatric oncology: The diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children is called pediatric oncology

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