Six-pack Craze Among Men

The Dong-A IIbo ( | 2008-02-11

College student Park, 26, who stands 183 centimeters tall and weighs 68 kilograms, frequently hears people say that he looks like a fashion model, thanks to his well-developed physique.

However, he has his share of agony. He has recently received psychiatric treatment. Though he boasts a good shape with no fat, his obsession with a lean and muscular body forced him to take exercise while eating only chicken breasts.

When he was unable to endure hunger, he would wolf down ice cream and snacks and rush to the restroom to vomit what he just ate. In the end, he was taken to the hospital by his parents and diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

Obsession with weight loss is no longer women’s problem. With the “making a nice frame” rage among young males, more people fall into ill health due to excessive diet and exercise or suffer from side effects of unlicensed dietary supplements.

College student Kim, 21, managed to lose 40 kilograms in four months by cutting down his calorie intake by two-thirds and working out for four hours a day, which included running 10 kilometers and jumping rope 2,000 times. But he was hospitalized due to a sudden breakdown of liver and kidney functions.

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